Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lesson 2


For lesson 2, we will be going over an exercise involving a pattern based wholly
on the atonal world of CHROMATICS.

This is a roller coaster-sounding ride of an exercise that consists of 64 notes being played uniformly and accurately (we hope) in 16th notes and then to be continuously looped.

I feel that the art of proper picking is sometimes overlooked or not paid enough attention to in the world of guitar.

This exercise is one of (thousands) that is geared towards increasing one's overall picking accuracy and precision. This pattern will also greatly improve one's fretboard evolution as well
I suggest playing the pattern at times starting on a downstroke and at other times on an upstroke to increase the best economical end result.

Take your time at first in committing this pattern to memory as it may be slightly confusing at first.

Once memorized, start to approach this exercise with extreme care and caution, as it has been known to fry peoples brains into a quivering mass of utter befuddlement!!!

Make sure to concentrate on staying consistent with your timing as you are working it up to higher tempos (10,000 bpm). Keeping it consistent and accurate also means keeping your string noise to a MINIMUM utilizing proper muting techniques that will be discussed in much greater detail in forthcoming lessons.

REMEMBER: always try to have fun whilst will make all the difference in the world in getting you where you want to be on your instrument.

Until next time,